About the Author

My name is Anton Sammut and I come from the beautiful island of Malta, which is located in the Mediterranean. Born on 1st September 1970, single, I keep myself occupied in my own little world whereby my main interests are writing, art, socialising, exploring the countryside, reading and enjoying silence.

Reading is very important to me since it allows me to ponder others’ opinions as I put my own opinions aside; otherwise I believe it would be hard to learn anything new. In addition, art is very important to me too since I think that in the world everything is an illusion, and it is art which gives you the opportunity to express a dimension which is superior to mere appearance.

Like most children, I attended primary and secondary school and then eventually attended technical schools to further my studies where I acquired the Diploma of a Draftsman. Later on, I also obtained Diplomas in Psychology and Art.

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